5 dead, 3 injured after Texas man opened fire on his family

On Saturday, Feb. 5, a Texas man shot and killed four members of his family and injured three others before turning the pistol on himself, according to authorities.

Kevin Milazzo, 41, murdered his parents, son, and his ex-4-year-old girlfriend’s child early Saturday morning.

Officers from the Corsicana Police Department responded just after midnight to an allegation that Milazzo had killed members of his family.

When police arrived at the home, they discovered the bodies of an adult male and an adult female who had been shot to death. According to authorities, two more gunshot victims were discovered and transported to a trauma facility in the Dallas region. At this time, their conditions remain unknown.

Milazzo’s stepfather, William (Bill) Milazzo, was one of the casualties.

5 dead, 3 injured after Texas man opened fire on?his family

Milazzo’s 21-year-old son Joshua Milazzo and 4-year-old infant Hunter Freeman – the son of Milazzo’s ex-girlfriend – were found dead at the intersection of Garrity and Shroud Streets in Frost by deputies from the Navarro County Sheriff’s Department. According to police, they were also shot and murdered.

A woman was also found with multiple gunshot wounds and was sent to a trauma facility in the Dallas region. Police had yet to identify her, and her health was unknown as of early Sunday.

Milazzo was tracked down by law police using his vehicle’s GPS system. Milazzo was spotted and contacted by Corsicana cops, the department’s SWAT team, and Navarro County deputies on a rural road after his vehicle’s engine had been electronically cut off by a monitoring service, cops said.

Milazzo was found inside the car, seriously injured from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. According to authorities, Matthew Branch, a medical doctor and member of the SWAT team, offered care at the scene.

Milazzo was taken to Navarro Regional Hospital and died as a result of his injuries.

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