7,000 Russian soldiers have been killed and up to 21,000 have been injured in the Ukraine conflict, more than the US has lost in the 20-year Afghan war, according to the Pentagon.

Since starting its invasion of Ukraine three weeks ago, Russia has lost an estimated 7000 soldiers and 21000 have been injured, according to the Pentagon.
According to the Pentagon, this means that a fifth of the force assembled by Russian President Vladimir Putin before to the war might be rendered ineffectual in combat.

This comes as British intelligence claimed on Thursday, March 17 that the Russian offensive has paused ‘on all fronts,’ with ‘serious fatalities.’

Before giving the order to assault 21 days ago, Putin assembled 150,000 soldiers on Russia’s border with Ukraine.

The astounding death and injury toll is approximately treble NATO losses in Afghanistan over the last two decades of conflict, and roughly equal to US casualties in Afghanistan.

The Pentagon believes that the casualties have become so serious that certain Russian troops are no longer capable of combat.

Russia’s invasion has stalled ‘on all fronts,’ according to a British intelligence report released on Thursday, with’minimal advance on land, sea, or air’ in the last 24 hours while continuing to’suffer substantial losses.’

However, the shelling of Ukrainian cities continues, with Kyiv being hit by missiles in the early hours of the morning – one of which was shot down, but the wreckage still struck a 16-story apartment complex, killing one person and injuring hundreds more.

Mariupol, Ukraine’s heavily besieged city in the south, continued to be bombarded, with municipal officials estimating that at least 2,400 people have been killed.

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