A black couple talks about their encounter with a “racist” neighbor and his son (video)

A Black couple told their prejudiced neighbor and his kid about their ordeal.

The police waived off the racist neighbor’s child who came to their door with a whip to flog their 9-year-old daughter and scratched their car, according to the couple from Texas.

They also revealed that the boy’s father, who first wanted to avoid discussing the damages, urged his son to say he (the father) was not home when they arrived at his home. A gun was allegedly brought to the couple’s house by the father a few minutes later.

@carissanash_ remarked:

**MY HUSBAND’S REPOST** Today was a whirlwind! This youngster comes to my door with a whip, searching for my 9-year-old daughter, and then scuffs the Audi cheval. “It’ll work itself out since he’s moving shortly,” the cop says to my wife. So when I go home, the father is outside, sees me approaching him to discuss the damages, and enters the house. The father instructs his son to claim he is not present. He finally came to the door with a gun a few minutes later! His terrifying ass almost killed himself and his daughter, who was standing behind him.

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