A man with nine wives wishes to marry two more women and have children with them all.

A man who married nine wives at once to celebrate free love (read about it here) has stated that he intends to marry two more women and has plans to have children with all of them.

Arthur O Urso, a Brazilian, made news when he talked about his tumultuous marriage to nine women.

Following a divorce from one of the women, the model now plans to marry two more women.

Agatha, one of the spouses, stated that the idea of polyamory no longer appeals to her, and that she wishes to leave.

“She wanted to have me all to herself,” Arthur stated of Agatha’s choice to depart. We had to share since it didn’t make sense.”

“I was really saddened by the split, and even more startled by her excuse,” he continued.

“She expressed her desire for a monogamous relationship.

“My former spouses thought she had the wrong mindset and had accepted the marriage for the sake of adventure rather than genuine feelings.

“I realize I’ve lost a wife, but for the time being, I’m not going to replace her.”

With eight spouses already, Arthur aspires to marry two more ladies, bringing his total to ten.

Man with nine wives wants to marry two more women and have babies with all of them

“I have a fantasy — my wish has always been to have ten wives,” he revealed. My only child is a daughter.

“However, I’d like to have a child with each of my marriages.”

“The affection I feel for each of them is the same,” he concluded.

“I believe it would be unjust to have only one or two children.”

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