A Nigerian doctor in the United States has been arrested after allegedly hitting a woman many times and accused her of faking a seizure.

Last week, a Florida emergency department doctor was arrested after authorities allege he repeatedly struck a semi-conscious female patient with her own hand, believing she was faking a seizure.

Dr. Onyekachi Nwabuko, a Nigerian doctor working in the United States, was arrested on three counts of violence on Wednesday, Feb. 16.

Two registered nurses, a hospital director, and the victim all gave testimonies that led to Nwabuko’s arrest, according to a probable cause document.

The victim also looked to have a “severe face wound,” according to police.

On Wednesday, February 16, about 8:00 a.m., Leesburg Police Department officers responded to a 911 report concerning a possible battery at the University of Florida Leesburg Medical Center’s emergency room.

US-based Nigerian doctor arrested for allegedly slapping patient multiple times and accusing her of faking seizure

According to the affidavit, paramedics check a patient’s level of awareness by placing them on their back, elevating their arms a few inches, and then releasing them.

“Patients will move or halt their hands to prevent it from striking them in the face,” a hospital employee revealed.

According to the affidavit, a hospital employee who witnessed Nwabuko’s interaction with the victim informed police that the doctor neglected to follow standard practice because he suspected the patient was “faking” his medical condition.

Despite the fact that the doctor plainly saw the woman trying to keep his hand from striking her face, Nwabuko slapped her face with his palm three times, according to the staff.

After initial interaction with the victim, Nwabuko is said to have left the exam room and returned a short time later, according to the document. When Nwabuko returned to the examination room for a second time, he hit her in the face with the patient’s own hand several times, according to the affidavit.

US-based Nigerian doctor arrested for allegedly slapping patient multiple times and accusing her of faking seizure

US-based Nigerian doctor arrested for allegedly slapping patient multiple times and accusing her of faking seizure

“I’m sorry, but I have to do this or I’ll have to intubate you,” Nwabuko is believed to have stated while beating the sufferer.

“During the second charge, Victim’s IV line, located in her left arm, came loose, and Victim’s arm started bleeding on Victim’s face and chest area,” one witness allegedly told police.

The IV line was “removed from the Victim’s arm, causing her to bleed,” according to another witness referenced in the papers who described the second alleged battery.

According to the affidavit, Nwabuko returned a third time and slapped the patient in the face with her palm, claiming that she was faking it.

The woman told police she was “semi-conscious” during the encounter, but she recalls Nwabuko striking her and telling her she was going to die.

She went on to say that she was unable to talk and that she lacked the strength to prevent Nwabuko from manipulating her hand.

“She tried to stop him, but she couldn’t speak or oppose the force with which he was acting. Until the nurse came in, he began to hit her harder and harder “According to the affidavit, “He was laughing and criticizing her for faking a seizure,” she alleged.

Nwabuko “repeatedly stroked her sternum to provoke a response,” according to the victim.

The victim’s left eye seemed to have “severe swelling, redness, and bruises,” according to police.

Following the incident, Nwabuko was arrested and processed at the Lake County Jail in Tavares.

After paying a $3,000 bond, he was released. His arraignment has been set for today.

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