According to a fresh source, Kylian Mbappe received ten votes in the French presidential election.

Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain won ten votes in the last French presidential election, according to reports.

After a second round of voting, France’s presidential election ended last Saturday, April 24, with Emmanuel Macron being re-elected for a second term.

According to a report by L’Est Republicain, PSG and France footballer Kylian Mbappe received ten votes, an unexpected election victory in Tallenay, a small town in the country’s east with a population of roughly 425 people.

According to the report, out of the 348 people who voted in the second round of the election in Tallenay, 175 voted for Macron and 75 voted for the incumbent’s major competitor, Marine Le Pen, giving Macron a 70% vote share in the town and 58.5 percent overall.

According to an ABC News report, official numbers reveal that 28% of registered voters in France did not vote in the presidential election on Sunday, the largest percentage in the preceding two decades.

According to the source, French voters can express their displeasure with both candidates by voting “white.” On Sunday, Blanc ballots accounted for 6.35 percent of the votes cast.

In the town of Tallenay, 50 voters abstained, 22 left their ballot blank, and 10 of the 26 spoiled votes were filled out with Mbappe’s name, likely in protest of the legal candidates present.

“We saw one [vote], then a second, and a third,” Tallenay mayor Ludovic Barbarossa told Le Parisien in response to Mbappe’s surprise votes. They were well-made and appeared to be genuine ballot sheets. The name was written on a computer and printed out, not just jotted down hurriedly with a pen. It didn’t appear to be the activities of a prankster, but rather a deliberate decision.

“Was it a friendly wager between several pals?” Did five couples get together for dinner on Saturday to come up with the concept and plan the event? I honestly have no idea.

“In any event, I refuse to pass judgment on my people’ voting behavior.” They have the option of casting a blank vote. We had two more ballot sheets, for example, with the name of the former deputy in chief and a photomontage.”

Barbarossa went on to declare that she would ask Mbappe to come meet his followers and that he would be welcome to visit Tallenay at any time.

“I invite Kylian Mbappe to come!” he added. We’re two hours away from Paris by TGV [train].”

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