According to Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother, Prince Andrew had “no choice” except to settle with rape victim Virginia Giuffre.

Prince Andrew had ‘no choice’ but to settle with his rape victim Virginia Roberts, according to the brother of convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ian Maxwell, Ghislaine’s brother, told DailyMail journalist Jay Beecher that Andrew had to financially settle with Ghislaine Maxwell in order to ‘do the best he could’ for his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Miss Roberts’ charges of sexual assault against the Duke of York, he added, would have caused Andrew ‘immense grief,’ forcing him to ‘fold his tent.’

Prince Andrew had

Andrew, whose reputation had been tarnished, agreed to pay £12 million out of court to settle claims by Jeffrey Epstein’s’sex slave’ Giuffre Roberts that he had sex with her when she was 17 – allegations he has always rejected.

A photograph shot in 2001 of Andrew with his arm around Miss Roberts in the London house of disgraced socialite Maxwell, Epstein’s’madam’ and a friend of the duke, was crucial evidence in Miss Roberts’ case. Maxwell might be seen hovering in the photo’s background.

Prince Andrew had

In December 2021, Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of grooming and trafficking minor females for Epstein.

Days following her conviction, her lawyers asked for a new trial, claiming that ‘Juror 50,’ also known as Scotty David, had informed media that he had been sexually molested as a youngster but had failed to reveal this information during jury selection, as was required. Maxwell’s request was dismissed by a New York judge two weeks ago.

‘I think we’ll never really know since it’s Prince Andrew, and it’s all been swept away,’ Mr Maxwell, 66, said when asked about Andrew’s settlement with Miss Roberts. This is his mother’s Jubilee year, and he is a responsible son. This clearly causes her a great deal of sorrow, as it would any mother, and he’s just extremely humiliated. He doesn’t want to disturb the year, and I believe he had no choice but to fold his tent and do the best he could for the Crown.

He also stated that the Me Too social movement against sexual harassment and abuse played a role in Maxwell’s guilty conviction in December.

‘This has also had a huge impact, all women must be believed, all victims must be believed,’ Ian stated.

‘However, we know in this nation that so-called victims do not turn out to be victims; Carl Beech (who made up charges of widespread establishment sex abuse) is the best illustration of this.

‘These types of things happen all the time, and jury judgments have been reversed before, so we’re hoping for the same thing this time.’

‘All of this adds up to a compelling package of appeal issues that, in my opinion, demonstrate that this trial was not fair, especially in light of the dishonest juror.’

‘My sister has been incarcerated for two years in July, she is in abhorrent conditions, she is in isolation, she is on suicide watch, and lamps are shone in her eyes every 15 minutes to ensure she is still breathing.’

In June, Maxwell will be sentenced.

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