According to reports, US intelligence assisted Ukraine in shooting down a Russian plane carrying troops.

The US is accused of assisting Ukraine in shooting down a Russian plane carrying Russian troops.

According to an NBC News report from Tuesday, April 26th, the US gave intelligence to Ukraine that was used to fire down a Russian plane transporting hundreds of troops in the early days of the war.

Furthermore, current and former US officials told NBC News that US intelligence on where and when Russian missiles and explosives were slated to attack allowed Ukraine to relocate its aircraft out of the strike path.

According to the report, real-time information aided Ukraine in fending off a Russian attack on a critical airfield near Kyiv.

During the early days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, US defense and intelligence lawyers limited the sharing of information that could have assisted Ukraine in launching strikes against Russian forces. According to authorities, as Russia’s invasion progressed, Congress pressed to have that guidance deleted.

  U.S. intel allegedly helped Ukraine in shooting down Russian plane carrying troops

According to US officials speaking to NBC, the intelligence exchange between the US and Ukraine’s military was vast and unusual for a non-NATO member.

‘We leaned quite heavily forward in sharing both strategic and actionable intelligence with Ukraine from the start,’ a US official told NBC News.

‘It’s had an impact both tactically and strategically.’ There are instances where you could make a compelling tale about how this made a significant difference.’

‘There has been a lot of real-time intelligence provided in terms of things that may be utilized for targeted targeting of Russian forces,’ according to another unidentified former senior intelligence official. Satellite photos and ‘where certain sorts of Russian forces are active’ are among the details.

A representative for the White House National Security Council is quoted in the paper as saying:

‘We are and will continue to provide precise, timely intelligence to the Ukrainians on the battlefield to assist them in defending their country against Russian aggression.’

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