After attempting to ask a lady out while acting as a single man on Instagram live, a married man was exposed by his wife (video)

During an Instagram live session, a married man attempted to ask a lady out while acting as a single man, resulting in a chaotic scene.

As the conversation progressed, a woman who wanted to join the conversation approached the lady the man was trying to ask out.

The woman who jumped in claimed to be a family friend who knew the man and emphasized that he was married. She cautioned the lady to be cautious because the man is apparently married and the father of a child.

The man rejected the charges, said he was single, and challenged the woman to bring his wife on to prove he was married to her.

In few seconds, the wife of the man joined the conversation and started hurling insults at the man. She showed the face of the son they have together and also warned the lady.

This left the lady he was trying to ask out stunned. Watch the video below..

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