After being arrested in connection with a shooting in 2021, rapper A$AP Rocky was released on a $550,000 bond.

After being arrested in connection with a shooting in 2021, American rapper A$AP Rocky was released on $550,000 bond.

After being held by authorities at Los Angeles International Airport, he was seen exiting the Los Angeles Police Department offices on Wednesday afternoon, April 20.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the rapper was detained on a charge of “assault with a deadly weapon (firearm)” in connection with a shooting in Hollywood last October. According to jail records, he was freed later Wednesday on a $550,000 bond.

Update: Rapper, A$AP Rocky released on $550K bond after arrest over 2021 shooting incident

According to the LAPD, two acquaintances were arguing in the Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles on November 6th. “The disagreement became heated, and the suspect shot the victim with a revolver. The victim suffered a slight injury as a result of the incident and sought medical attention afterwards. The perpetrator and two other individuals fled the scene on foot after the shooting “According to the police, According to authorities, “the suspect has been identified as 33-year-old Rakim Mayers, a Los Angeles native who is also known as music artist A$AP Rocky.”

Rocky allegedly shot at the alleged victim numerous times, with at least one bullet grazing his left hand, according to the alleged victim.

Police allegedly carried out a search warrant at the “Praise the Lord” rapper’s Los Angeles home, entering with a battering ram and departing with one box of potential evidence.

The case will be presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, according to the LAPD.

According to various accounts, the rapper, who is Rihanna’s boyfriend, was on his way back to California from a holiday in Barbados when he was arrested.

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