After being dismissed for being ‘mad’ that his colleagues threw him a surprise party, a court awarded a guy $450,000.

A jury has given $450,000 to a man from Kentucky, USA, who was dismissed for having a panic episode that his supervisors deemed “violent” after he was forced to attend a birthday celebration at work against his will.

Because of his anxiety illness, Kevin Berling urged an office manager at the Gravity Diagnostics lab in Covington, Kentucky not to throw him a party in August 2019.

When he learned that a party was being planned for lunchtime, he spent the time in his car focusing on stress-relieving breathing methods.

According to the NewYorkTimes, he had another panic attack the next day in a meeting with two supervisors who discussed his’serious behavior.’

He clinched his fists, went red, and ordered his bosses to stay silent during the discussion, according to the business, leaving them’shaken.’ Berling’s counsel claims that the closed fists were a coping mechanism for the difficult scenario.

‘They were absolutely afraid of physical damage at that time,’ said Brazil, the company’s co-founder, to the New York Times. ‘They’re both still rattled by it today,’ says the narrator.

After the conference, he was sent home. According to a charge filed in Kenton County Circuit Court, he texted one of his bosses to apologize a few hours later.

Court awards man $450,000 after he was fired for being

Three days later, he was fired through email. A month later, in September 2019, he filed a handicap discrimination lawsuit.

After concluding that he had been discriminated against because of his disability, a jury awarded Berling $150,000 in lost income and benefits and $300,000 for pain, shame, and loss of self-esteem on March 31.

Julie Brazil, the creator of Gravity, who does not appear to have been involved in the organizing of the party, says she stands by her decision to fire him “for his breach of our workplace violence policy.”

Julie Brazil, the founder of Gravity, who does not appear to have been involved in the party planning, says she supports her colleagues’ decision to fire him “for his violation of our workplace violence policy.”

According to a lawyer for the corporation, the judgement will be challenged and an appeal may be filed.

‘In this case, my staff were the victims, not the plaintiff,’ she explained.

According to its website, Gravity Diagnostics is licensed in “all 50 states” in the United States and services “over 1,000 customers ranging from small private clinics to universities to Fortune 500 enterprises.”

For the last ten months, Berling had been employed at the Covington lab.

Tony Bucher, his lawyer, claims that he had received ‘excellent’ monthly reviews. Berling was never given a negative review, according to the corporation.

Given that the COVID-19 outbreak drove the lab’s value rising, Berling’s lawyer refers to the amount of money he could have received if he hadn’t been sacked.

‘Where would he be based on his employment records?’ LINK nky was told by Bucher. ‘There are folks whose earnings have increased by at least 50% throughout that time.’ He squandered a good opportunity with that firm.’
According to the lawyer, the individual in charge of planning the celebrations simply neglected to respect his client’s request.

‘She wasn’t trying to be cruel. ‘She said she’d do it, and then she forgot,’ he explained.

‘Essentially, the argument was that he was fired because he had a panic episode,’ Bucher explained. ‘They assumed he was dangerous based on his impairment rather than any proof that he was violent,’ says the author.

Brazil claims that her staff made the right decision in protecting their coworkers.

‘My workers deescalated the issue by revoking the plaintiff’s access to the premises, alerting me, and sending out security reminders to guarantee he could not access the building, which is exactly what they were meant to do,’ she told LINK nky.

‘We have a zero-tolerance policy as an employer who prioritizes employee safety, and we stand by our decision to terminate the plaintiff for violating our workplace violence policy,’ Brazil said.

‘In this case, my staff were the victims, not the plaintiff.’

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