After enticing his ex-girlfriend to pole dance for him, he murdered her and set her body on fire.

For murdering his ex-girlfriend after persuading her to perform a pole dance for him, a man was sentenced to a minimum of 23 years to life in prison.

According to Mail Online, Louise Rump, 29, agreed to host a dance for her ex-boyfriend Habib Jackson in her Bedfordshire flat because they had a year-long romance.

Mr. Jackson, a security guard, wanted to rekindle his connection with her, but she did not share his feelings, according to the court.

Two-parent mother Ms. Rump was last seen alive on October 16, 2020, when she dropped off her daughter at school.

Mr. Jackson of Toddington, Beds, was spotted on CCTV heading to Rump’s address at Plewes Court, Kensworth, Beds, at 11:15 a.m. that day.

As he hit Rump in the face many times before strangling and smothering her, Judge Michael Kay said: ‘The killing was driven by envy, wrath, and an element of sexual frustration.’

Bruising on her face, left hand, wrist, and pelvis indicated that she had been attacked.

Before her body was burned on fire, the pathologist discovered that she died of suffocation.

Mr. Jackson, of Toddington, Bedfordshire, admitted to lighting a fire in her flat with fuel he had taken with him in a tiny drinks bottle, but said he had it in his car for bonfire night.

‘The fire was a deliberate attempt to remove whatever signs her attacker may have left,’ said prosecutor David Matthew.

Her body was located at the foot of her bed by fire fighters who had been summoned by neighbors who had seen smoke pouring from her unit.

Jackson denied being at the flat on the day of the murder, but claimed he was there on February 15, when they had a play fight and she scratched his face.

The pole was discovered in the living room, and her corpse was discovered in her bedroom, where the curtains had caught fire and smoke damage had occurred.

Mr. Jackson was later observed driving away from the area with a bloodstained sweatshirt and a cardboard box.

He then proceeded to his employment in Houghton Regis, Beds, where he disguised himself and tossed one of Ms Rump’s cellphones into a dumpster.

Judge Michael Kay QC sentenced him to life in prison and ordered him to serve another 21 years and 168 days before becoming eligible for release.

On remand for one year and 197 days, he has already served his sentence.

‘It’s been a year baby, since I was deep where I belong,’ Jackson said to Louise in a message sent the day before she died, on October 15th.

‘Can’t you offer me what I’m looking for?’ he continued. ‘No,’ she answered.

Mr. Matthew claimed that Habib Jackson paid Louise Rump for ‘deal inquiries’ when he inquired about sexual activities, therefore making him her’sugar daddy.’

‘G-string and underpants ready?’ Jackson wrote. referring to the pole dance that will be performed

When questioned by authorities the day after the murder, Jackson stated that they had an on-again, off-again relationship.

‘Those two children will now have to live with the knowledge that their mother was violently strangled or smothered to death and her corpse was set on fire while they were at school as a result of your fixation with her and your dominating, aggressive character,’ said Judge Michael Kay.

Ms Rump’s aunt, Jane Hedges, said: ‘While today’s sentencing has given us some consolation, nothing can ever be enough to compensate for our loss and the anguish our family is experiencing.’

‘What a senseless crime and awful loss of life.’ Louise was a true star among us, brimming with life and vigor and able to light up every room she entered.

‘Unfortunately, her children will have to grow up without their mother.’ We’re thinking of them today, and we’ll do everything we can to help them grow up to be proud of their mother.’

‘This was a terribly violent and callous murder done against a young woman who had her whole life ahead of her and now leaves behind two small children,’ said Superintendent Rob Hall of the Bedfordshire, Cambridge and Hertfordshire Major Crime Unit, who led the investigation.

‘I am pleased with today’s court decision and hope that it helps to provide Louise’s family and friends some closure and justice.

‘At this time, my thoughts and prayers are with Louise’s family and friends.’

‘This kind of obsessive, controlling, and aggressive behavior is nasty, harmful, and unacceptable,’ said Detective Chief Superintendent Dee Perkins, the Bedfordshire Police lead for male violence against women and girls.

‘We can all stand up to this and ensure the safety of women and girls across Bedfordshire.’

‘I want to congratulate everyone in the MCU who worked on this investigation, and everyone in law enforcement needs to make sure we recognize this type of behavior, take it seriously, and take action against men like Habib Jackson.’

‘However, the general people can help us. We can help society rid itself of these horrible ideas and behavior by calling out misogynistic behavior and reporting concerns when women feel unsafe.’

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