After her 1-year-old daughter was attacked by her family’s pit bulls, the mother kills them.

On Sunday night, April 24, a California mother fatally murdered her family’s pit bulls after they assaulted her one-year-old daughter and other family members.

When the toddler began sobbing at the family’s Pico Rivera home, the two dogs attacked her, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

As the mother of the child attempted to stop the abuse, the dogs attacked her as well.

The girl received bites to her left leg, shoulder, and ear, as well as a shattered hip. According to investigators, the mother was bitten on the mouth and near her eye.Mom kills family

Margaret Ann Morales, the toddler’s grandmother, said she was in bed when she heard her family members screaming.

She told the site, “I stepped into the kitchen and that’s when I (saw)…my two girls and my son on the floor trying to pull the dogs off.”Mom kills family

“My daughter finally got up… That’s when I saw my grandchild for the first time. I noticed the dog was clinging to her left leg. That’s when I had to put my fingers into his jaws and open them up, and he finally let her go.”

Morales and her other daughter were also injured as the dogs attacked until the toddler’s mother grabbed a knife and stabbed both of the dogs to death.

Mom kills familyAll four family members were sent to the hospital.

The canines were roughly three and a half years old and had been kept by the family since they were puppies, according to KABC.

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