After losing over nine stone to fit into her dream wedding gown, a woman marries the same man for the second time (photos)

A woman has married her husband for the second time after dropping over 9st to fit into her dream wedding dress.

Christina Jordan, a mum of three, says her wedding in March 2001 was the best day of her life, because she got to marry the man of her dreams, Derek, aged 41.

But the now 40-year-old said she wasn’t happy with the dress she wore on that magical day because she weighed 19st 5lbs at the time.

Woman marries the same man again after losing over nine stone to fit into her dream wedding dress (photos)

She says the size 28 dress was one of the only gowns she could fit into.

Now 20 years later, Christina, from Queen Creek, Arizona, USA, decided to re-do her wedding day after dropping 9st 8lbs and ten dress sizes following a hectic exercise regime and food plan.

Woman marries the same man again after losing over nine stone to fit into her dream wedding dress (photos)

The lovebirds renewed their vows on their twentieth wedding anniversary in March 2021, with the bride saying she felt ‘incredible’ as she fit into a dress she adored.

The certified nutritionist and author said: ‘When Derek and I married at 18 and 19 years old, I was over 100 pounds heavier than him.

‘He didn’t care. The love and bond we shared together, the deep friendship we had, made the outer appearance not matter. The dress I wore was a US size 24. While I enjoyed my wedding day, my dress was not exactly the style I had dreamed of.

Woman marries the same man again after losing over nine stone to fit into her dream wedding dress (photos)

‘Bridal dresses were limited in styles at my size. I ultimately chose a dress based on size, rather than my personal style.

‘In March last year, we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. We decided we wanted to do something very special and renew our wedding vows and celebrate with a second honeymoon.

‘For our vow renewal, I had a gorgeous dress fashioned by a good friend of mine who designs custom wedding gowns.

‘I felt incredible in my new wedding dress. Absolutely amazing, sexy, powerful and strong.’

Christina, who is mum to her and Derek’s three boys Zander, 18, Axton, 15, and Collin, 11, said she has struggled with her weight ever since she was a child.

She recalls she was often bullied because of her size throughout school.

She explained: ‘I used to be tormented and bullied for my size. There were times where people would make fun of me and it used to really hurt my self-esteem.

‘It wasn’t until I met my best friend, who happened to now be my husband, who helped me say that I was beautiful and worthy to be loved.

‘One time at Disneyland, we had just got on the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Ride. The young man working there asked me to get off the rollercoaster. I will never forget the words he spoke.

‘He said, “Ma’am, I’m so sorry but you’ll have to exit the ride. You’re too big to fit the safety belt requirements.”

‘The entire cart of people all heard and stared at me, snickering amongst themselves. The people waiting on the sidelines also heard and watched as I was forced off the ride.

‘I bolted from it as fast as I could and ran down the hallway to the exit with tears of frustration and embarrassment streaming down my face.’

She added: ‘My husband has always been the most amazing and incredible man and person in my life. He has always encouraged me and loved me throughout our entire half of a lifetime together.

‘Every single day since the moment I met him, Derek has told me that I am beautiful. It is this kind of true, deep and meaningful love that helps someone transform.

‘Being fully accepted just as they are. We all need a Derek in our lives. Someone who will encourage us, cheer for us and love us no matter what we look like.

‘I truly believe that I would not be the person I am today if he would not have supported me through this journey.’

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