After receiving a bomb threat to his home, Manchester United captain Harry Maguire insists he will not be driven out of the club.

After a bomb scare was sent to his Cheshire house in response to a threatening email, Manchester United captain Harry Maguire has reiterated that he would not be driven out of the club. Maguire, 29, lives in Wilmslow, Cheshire, with his fiancee Fern Hawkins and two small children.

On Thursday, April 21, a spokeswoman for him remarked in response to the incident:

‘Harry has received a significant threat to his family’s house in the previous 24 hours.’ ‘Obviously, Harry’s top priority is the protection of his family and those around him. He’ll continue to prepare as usual for the match this weekend.’

‘No evacuations took place, but as a precautionary step, a police explosives dog attended the address this afternoon to perform a search of the gardens and surrounding area,’ Cheshire police said. There were no suspicious things discovered.’

According to The Sun, Maguire believes the threat was perpetrated by “some cowardly fan.”

‘This kind of threat will not force Harry to leave Manchester United.’ according to the source

‘His top priority will always be the safety of his family, but he has the character fortitude to deal with it.’ It appears to be the product of a cowardly fan.

‘If that is the truth, they are a complete disgrace to this proud football club’s name.’

‘It’s rattled them up a little, but they’re all good.’ Nothing is more important to Harry than his family’s safety, and he would go to any length to assure it.

‘The police searched the residence, which should have made them feel a little safer.’

The threat against the United captain comes at a time when his on-field performances have been widely questioned by fans and commentators.

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