After seeing her dining with another man, a man snatches the wig, phone, and slippers he bought for her.

After witnessing a woman dining with another man and a woman at a restaurant, a man snatches stuff from her body on tape.

The man is seen assaulting the woman while she ate with two others in the video published online.

“Please don’t make us seem bad,” the woman said to the man.

He became enraged and bent down to seize the woman’s slippers.

“What exactly is this? What exactly does this imply?” As the man tried to yank her slippers off, the woman being confronted inquired.

“Who is this person?” the man questioned the woman, pointing to the other man at the table.

He took her wig and then her phone when she couldn’t explain herself, ignoring calls from others in the restaurant warning him.

Check out the video below.


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