After throwing their deceased child in the garbage, a man stabs his baby’s mother to death.

According to authorities, a lady who admitted to throwing her dead baby’s body in a bin last year was stabbed to death by the child’s father on April 28.

After a “domestic” disturbance at a house in Northeast DC on Wednesday morning, April 27, LaDonia Boggs, 39, was found “suffering from an apparent stab wound,” according to officials.

Carl Jones, 44, is now facing a second-degree murder allegation.

Jones was the father of Kyon Jones, a 2-month-old boy who went missing in May.

According to WRC-TV, the baby’s mother, LaDonia Boggs, told officials she rolled on top of her infant while under the influence of angel dust and then tossed out his body in a panic after he suffocated to death.

Man stabs his baby

“He was’sleep on my chest and when I woke up, he wasn’t breathing longer, since he was simply so small,” she claimed last year. He was barely two months old at the time. He was born prematurely.

“I went back inside and got a blanket and his car seat, wrapped them up, and carried them outside and threw them in the trash.”

Man stabs his baby

Boggs was charged with murder at first, but her charges were reduced to tampering with evidence after the remains of infant Kyon could not be found, according to the story.

When she was killed, she was said to be awaiting trial.

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