Arsene Wenger, not Alex Ferguson, is the scariest manager in Premier League history, according to Mike Dean, a referee legend.

Mike Dean, a legendary football referee, has revealed the toughest bosses he has dealt with throughout his career.

Mike Dean said Arsene Wenger was the most scary manager he’d ever worked with, describing him as a ‘rough presence’ during Arsenal games, but that despite his reputation, Sir Alex Ferguson was ‘not that awful.’

Dean will leave his position as a match day referee at the end of the season to work full-time as a VAR official.

The scariest manager in Premier League history is Arsene Wenger not Alex Ferguson - Referee icon, Mike Dean says
The 53-year-old was asked who the toughest managers he has faced when reminiscing on his career and experiences facing some of the best players and managers in the world, with many expecting him to name former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

But he preferred Wenger, claiming that the Frenchman was ‘rough’ on the touchline and would make things difficult for officials because he ‘wanted the best for Arsenal.’

He told BBC Sport, ‘It had to be Arsene when he was at Arsenal.’

‘Not refereeing Arsenal in general, but refereeing Arsenal while he was the manager, I always found it difficult.’ It was just his presence; he always wanted the best for Arsenal, and if he could get an advantage over you, he would.

‘I’ve seen him since he finished football, and he’s been fantastic.’ When you cross the white line, everyone, including referees, becomes different. We’re just regular people.’

During a match between Manchester United and Arsenal at Old Trafford in 2009, Dean memorably ordered Wenger to the stands after kicking a water bottle in frustration after Robin van Persie’s goal was called out for offside.

In terms of Ferguson, Dean claims that the famed Scot was not as harsh as many people imagine.

‘He used to get a lot of flak for coming in and smashing the door down,’ Dean continued. ‘He would occasionally come in to give his opinions if things had gone horribly wrong, but he wasn’t as horrible as people made him out to be.’

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