Because of their backing for Ukraine, Russia has threatened to strike military sites in the United Kingdom and other NATO countries.

Because of their support for Ukraine, the Kremlin has warned that military bases in the UK and other NATO countries could be targeted.

The Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, suggested that strikes against NATO countries that provide Ukraine with armaments could be authorized.

‘Do we understand right that Russia can hit military targets on the territory of Nato nations that supply weaponry to the Kyiv regime in order to disrupt military supply logistics?’ she said.

‘After all, fatalities and carnage on Ukrainian soil are a direct result of this.’ Britain, as far as I can tell, is one of those countries.’

Her comments came after the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces Minister, James Heappey, stated that the UK supported Ukrainian airstrikes on Russian facilities.

He went on to say that using British weaponry in such attacks would be “absolutely lawful,” despite the fact that none are now suspected.

Heappey also stated that if the war in the eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions were ‘frozen,’ Britain would resume training of Ukrainian military within Ukraine.

However, the Kremlin leapt on his comments, accusing him of ‘provocation.’

Moscow also threatened to hit ‘decision-making centers’ in Kyiv in response, even if British and other Western diplomats were there, in a significant escalation of hostilities.

Tobias Ellwood, head of the defence select committee, responded to the threats by saying Heappey’s words had the “potential to invite retaliatory assaults into Poland.”

He also warned that Russia may strike western targets outside of Ukraine, telling The New York Times that the West was becoming “increasingly embroiled in a proxy war.”

This comes after Boris Johnson stated last week that the British embassy in Kyiv will reopen two months after its personnel was evacuated when the fighting broke out. ‘Dependent on the security situation,’ the embassy is expected to open this week.

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