Because she is “obsessed to helping others,” a woman who won £115 million in the lottery has handed away half of it in two years.

Because she is “obsessed to helping others,” a woman who won the £115 million lottery has handed away more than half of her money.

Since her and her husband, Paddy, won the enormous prize in the 2019 New Year’s Day draw, Frances Connolly, a former social worker and teacher, has established two philanthropic foundations.

In their home Northern Ireland, one of the charities is named after her late mother Kathleen Graham and aims to better the lives of all communities in Strabane and Belfast.

She claims that her husband, Paddy, convinced her to agree to a charitable budget to assist her keep her habit of giving money in check.

But she’s already blown it by giving away the money they would have donated to charity if they’d stuck to the budget by 2032.

Woman who won ?115m in lottery has given away half of it in two years because she is

Frances, 55, of Hartlepool, County Durham, has already donated £11 million to charity in 2022, about the amount she had committed to donate over a ten-year period.

‘I’m addicted to it now,’ she says, adding that she gets a true ‘high’ from being able to alter people’s lives for the better with her money.

When the couple first won the lottery, they paid enormous sums of money to friends and family, utilizing a list Frances had created in the hopes of winning someday.

Frances believes that she has donated £60 million to charity.

‘I have 17 nieces and nephews, so they had to all get a little,’ she continued.

During lockdown, Frances noted that assisting others, whether with money or by offering her time, improved people’s spirits.

When it comes to spending money on themselves, the couple, who have three kids – Catrina, 34, and twins Fiona and Natalie, 26, are frugal.

Their biggest outlay after winning was a six-bedroom house with seven acres of land in County Durham.

Paddy drove a used Aston Martin, but she scowled at the thought of spending £13,000 for a coffee table.

She was giving advice to other lotto winners, she said.

‘Consider the kind of person you are and the kind of person you wish to be.’

‘Oh, who needs that much money?’ Frances remarked when asked why she was delighted to give so much away.

‘I’m not joking; if I took back all the money I’ve given away over the years, I’d be a millionaire.’

“How did you deal with that lot of money?” people often inquire. “I never did,” I stated. It had been two days since it had been deposited in the bank.”

‘It’s still strange, but I’ve never had to come to grips with all that money because we had it for such a short period of time,’ she continued.

She goes on to say that money cannot change your personality.

‘If you’re stupid before you receive it, you’ll be foolish after you get it.’

‘Money will not make you sensible.’ Money gives you the freedom to be the person you want to be.

‘That’s what I’d tell a winner if I had any advice.’ Consider the type of person you are and the type of person you aspire to be.’

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