Before presenting ‘SNL,’ Kim Kardashian revealed that she spoke with Pete Davidson.

Before making her “Saturday Night Live” debut, Kim Kardashian confessed she spoke with her now-boyfriend Pete Davidson.

During the inaugural episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians,” the reality star reveals that she agreed to host the sketch comedy series and that when they met at the Met Gala in September 2021, she sought the comedian for advise.

“At the Met, I ran into Pete Davidson and told him, ‘I’m really afraid.’ “I’m not sure what I signed up for,” she says of their conversation. “‘Can you read cue cards?’ he asks. You’re doing fine. ‘You’re OK.’

On Oct. 9, Kardashian, 41, hosted the NBC show and starred in a skit with Davidson, 28, in which he played Aladdin and she played Jasmine, his character’s love interest.

The duo kissed in the sketch, which the founder of Skims just confessed was their first kiss on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” For Valentine’s Day, Davidson gave his now-girlfriend their costumes as well as the magic carpet from the episode.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson walking together.

The hot-and-heavy couple made their first official public appearance at the red carpet premiere of “The Kardashians,” although while they attended the event together, Kardashian posed for photos alone. However, as they arrived and made their way inside, paparazzi snapped them holding hands.

The former “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star earlier told Variety that the new show would focus on her and Davidson’s relationship, though Davidson will not feature in the first season.

A black-and-white selfie of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian.

When asked if Davidson will appear, Kardashian, who has four children with ex-husband Kanye West, replied, “I haven’t filmed with him, and I’m not opposed to it.” “It’s just not his style.” He would not, however, instruct the cameras to leave if an event was taking place and he was present.

“I think I’m going to film something incredibly spectacular,” she said, “but it won’t be for this season.”

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