Best friends who met as females at the age of 14 marry when one of them transforms into a man.

After one of their best friends transformed into a guy, the two best friends who have known each other since they were classmates are now married.

At the age of 14, Aaron, 25, and Kayla, 26, Capener became great friends.

After moving thousands of miles away from Kayla, Aaron began to identify as a guy.

They stayed friends and met up again six years later.

After that, they fell in love and married.

Best friends who met as females at age 14 get married after one transitioned to a man

Aaron praises his wife for helping him get through the most difficult parts of his transition. He went on to say that she even assists him in taking his testosterone tablets.

Aaron, the proprietor of a media company, stated: “Kayla and I are blissfully married, and all of the hardships and tribulations I’ve faced to get here have been well worth it.

“We had an instant connection, but our romantic relationship took longer to develop.”

“Our relationship was founded on our friendship, and I feel that’s what makes it so powerful,” Kayla, who owns the media firm with her husband, added.”

Best friends who met as females at age 14 get married after one transitioned to a man

The two met while attending school in Tennessee, but Aaron had to return to Oregon with his family after only six months.

Aaron soon drifted away from his family because they were conservative and routinely attended church, while he discovered his attraction to women at the age of 14.

At the time, Aaron still identified as female, and his family was against same-sex relationships.

As Aaron pointed out: “My early years were difficult since I realized from a young age that I didn’t feel the same emotions as other kids my age.

“As I grew older and entered adolescence, it became clear that something wasn’t quite right, so I began my own investigation.

“I never explored my feelings because of my upbringing; I was completely unaware of the existence of the LGBTQ+ community.

“My family was initially disappointed when I came out as gay, and they kept finding reasons for why I was saying these things.

“They sent me to our church’s pastor to ‘cure’ my feelings, and then they started telling me I wasn’t praying hard enough.”

So, at the age of 16, he obtained a job at McDonald’s and began saving money in order to move out. Then he went through a transition and began to present as a man.

Kayla stated, “I kept up with Aaron’s transition and what was going on with him all those years while he was away in Oregon.

“When I eventually saw him again, he embraced me tightly and we both sobbed.

“Moving from being friends to being in a relationship seemed very normal.

“Aaron was always the same person, regardless of his name or pronouns, thus his transition had no impact on our friendship.”

Aaron said, ” “I consider myself extremely fortunate to have Kayla as my wife, and for her to have loved me regardless of my gender.

Best friends who met as females at age 14 get married after one transitioned to a man

“It took a lot of guts to kiss her, and I’d never been happier than when she kissed me back.

“This has been my feeling since the first time I met her, and having her as my wife now is a dream come true.

“Unconditional love implies love without conditions, and her love for me was and continues to be unconditional.”

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