Boris Johnson believes the Ukraine conflict will last until the end of 2023.

Because of the robust resistance to Russia’s invasion, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suggested that the situation in Ukraine may not be resolved quickly.

Johnson made the judgment while visiting India to promote a new defence and security relationship between the two countries.

Johnson praised the relationship between “one of the oldest democracies” and “probably the largest democracy,” India, as “a decades-long commitment.” India is a member of the Quad, which includes the US, Japan, and Australia, and is considered as a bulwark against an assertive China.

India, on the other hand, has a long history of collaboration with Moscow, which remains its largest military supplier, and has declined to denounce Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “The unfortunate thing is that is a genuine prospect,” Johnson told reporters in New Delhi on Friday, April 22 when asked if he agreed with British defense intelligence assessments that war may last until the end of 2023.

Johnson called Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine a “catastrophic miscalculation.”

“Right now, the only alternative he has is to keep trying to utilize his horrible grinding style,” he added. Johnson stated, alongside his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi, in an apparent reference to Beijing:

“The dangers of autocratic coercion have increased even more.” “As a result, it’s critical that we strengthen our ties, particularly our shared goal in keeping the Indo-Pacific open and free.”

He described the new cooperation as “a decades-long commitment,” praising the bond between “one of the world’s oldest democracies” and “probably the world’s greatest democracy,” India.

“To face threats across land, sea, and air, space and cyber, including partnering on new fighter aircraft technology, marine technologies to identify and respond to attacks in the waters,” Johnson added.

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