Bride-to-be slit fiancé’s throat and left him to die because she wanted to get out of their arranged marriage

A bride-to-be allegedly blindfolded her fiancé, led him to an isolated hilltop by pretending she had a “surprise,” before slitting his throat.

22-year-old Viyyapu Pushpa and 28-year-old fiancé Addepallu Ram Naidu were due to be married on May 29.

They had been engaged through an arranged marriage agreement between the two families.

However, the wedding has been called off after Pushpa confessed to attempted murder. The horrifying incident happened at a temple in Andhra Pradesh, India.

According to local reports, the couple went to the temple in Amarapuri after having lunch at Naidu’s house.

The pair were said to have stopped off at a store on their way to the temple, with Pushpa purchasing a scarf and she reportedly told Naidu she had a surprise gift for him.

Bride-to-be slit fianc?

Bride-to-be slit fianc?

When they reached the top of the hill, Pushpa blindfolded Naidu with the scarf as a pretext to showing him the surprise, before allegedly attacking him with a knife and slitting his throat. Pushpa reportedly said she was trying to get out of the arranged marriage.

Naidu miraculously survived the attack, with locals rushing him to a hospital where he received 30 stitches and later revealed that Pushpa told him she didn’t want to get married after he had removed his blindfold.

Bride-to-be slit fianc?

Bride-to-be slit fianc?

Sunil Kumar, the deputy superintendent of police in Andhra Pradesh, said: “According to her statement, she just didn’t want to get married to this guy or anyone else. Her parents say she is innocent, while the man’s parents demand justice.”

Pushpa is now in custody and could see jail time of ten years for the charge of attempted murder.


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