British lawmaker found guilty of s3x attack on 15-year-old boy

Imran Ahmad Khan, a British legislator, was convicted guilty of sexually abusing a 15-year-old child in 2008 after forcing him to drink gin at a party.

During the attack at a property in Staffordshire, the MP for Wakefield in West Yorkshire pulled the boy upstairs, threw him onto a bed, and asked him to watch porn.

After Khan caressed his feet and legs, reaching within “a hair’s breadth” of his privates as he tried to sleep on a top bunkbed, the victim, now 29, told a jury he felt “scared, defenseless, numb, horrified, and surprised.”

However, the gay and Muslim politician disputed the sexual assault charge, claiming that he just touched the Catholic teen’s elbow after he “got really agitated” following a chat about his confusing sexuality.

The Conservative Party has suspended the MP, who was found guilty by a jury at Southwark Crown Court on Monday, April 11.

When the victim originally submitted the accusation to the Conservative Party press office days before Khan was elected as MP for Wakefield in 2019, he feared he “wasn’t taken very seriously.”

He subsequently filed a police report days after Khan assisted Boris Johnson in securing a big Commons majority by winning Wakefield in the so-called “red wall” that had formed Labour’s heartlands in the Midlands and Northern England.

Khan compelled the kid to drink gin and tonic at the get-together in January 2008, according to evidence presented at Southwark Crown Court. The blue Bombay Sapphire bottle, the scent of the alcohol in the cut glass tumbler, and the fizz of the bubbles were all vivid in his mind.

The victim stated, “I had it and didn’t enjoy it.” “He kept forcing it back in my mouth as it was in my mouth.” Khan then took him into a bed, said “disgusting” things in his ear, and demanded that he join him in watching porn.

He then grabbed the boy’s groin, prompting him to “leap out of bed as quickly as he could” and go to his parents, who were “freaked out.” At the time, a police report was filed, but no further action was taken since the youngster refused to file a formal complaint.

When the victim discovered Khan was running in the general election in December 2019, he told jurors “it all came gushing back.”

Mr Justice Baker, the judge, said he will sentence Khan, who was dressed in a dark suit and carrying a walking stick, at a later date.

If he is sentenced to more than a year in prison, he will be forced to resign from the House of Commons, or a recall petition could be filed against him.

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