Cristiano Ronaldo answers to Wayne Rooney’s claim that his return to Manchester United has not benefited the team by calling him “jealous.”

Cristiano Ronaldo, a legend for Portugal and Manchester United, has reacted angrily to Wayne Rooney’s suggestion that Manchester United should go on without the Portuguese great at the end of the season.

Following United’s 1-1 draw with Leicester City at the weekend, Rooney launched a stinging attack on the forward on Monday.

Rooney stated on Sky Sports that Ronaldo, along with midfielder Paul Pogba, should go this summer, adding that his comeback has not benefited the club and that the veteran superstar should be replaced by ‘younger, hungry players.’

When asked if Ronaldo’s return to the Premier League has benefited United, Rooney replied, ‘You’d have to say no.’ ‘He’s scored, and he’s scored big goals early in the season in Champions League games.’ Against Tottenham, he scored a hat-trick.

‘However, I believe that if you are looking to the club’s future, you must go with younger, more eager players who will do all in their power to lift Manchester United over the next two or three years.’ ‘And Cristiano, obviously, is getting on in years.’ He isn’t the same player he was when he was in his twenties. That’s football, so it happens. He’s a goal danger, but I believe they need more in the rest of the game, especially young, eager individuals.

‘I believe they have some talented young players.’ Sancho, I believe, will be a better player next year, and Marcus, I believe, will be a better player next year.
On his Instagram feed, the Derby manager afterwards uploaded a photo of himself on the show with Jamie Carragher and broadcaster David Jones.

 Ronaldo used the opportunity to respond to Rooney’s criticism of the show by writing: ‘Two Jealous’ in a comment on the post.

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