Donald Trump’s two truths As soon as an app is labeled a failure, social tech execs ‘leave.’

Former President Donald Trump’s social media firm, Truth Social, has lost two key employees.

According to Reuters, Trump’s chief of technology, Josh Adams, and his product development chief, Billy Boozer, have both departed the organization. Their departure comes less than a year after they began working on the former President’s project with him. This is the most recent development at the small company, which has failed to gain traction.

According to the article, the particular circumstances surrounding the executives’ resignations, as well as whether they have been replaced or their responsibilities changed, could not be determined immediately.

This comes after some critics dubbed Truth Social a flop and disaster, claiming that hundreds of thousands of members had abandoned the platform.

Adams and Boozer were integral to the app’s February 20 debut, and their departure might impede the company’s efforts to compete with Twitter and other social networking sites.

The departures came after a shaky launch of the company’s iPhone app on February 20. Many users are still on a waiting list, unable to access the portal weeks later.

‘All bets are off if Josh has departed,’ one person added, referring to him as the ‘brains’ of Truth Social’s technology.

Former Republican congressman Devin Nunes, the CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group, stated publicly that the business hoped to have the app fully operating in the United States by the end of March.

The company has an iPhone app but none for Android phones, which account for more than 40% of the US market, despite advertising for an engineer to create one.

Truth Social, billed as a free-speech website, was founded by Trump after he was banned from YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook in the aftermath of the tragic January 6 Capitol riot for allegedly inciting or praising violent acts.

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