‘Don’t change in the black lads’ room,’ a football coach is accused of imposing racial segregation by ordering white players.

The FA is investigating a football coach for allegedly using racial remarks against his own players and running a segregated training field where the club’s black players use a separate changing room.

This comes a month after the FA started an investigation into Crawley Town manager John Yems’ conduct after a group of Crawley players complained to the PFA about his alleged use of insulting language, with the League Two club suspending him the next day.

Crawley’s American owners, investment group WAGMI United, were shocked by the allegations concerning their manager’s actions and fired him within hours of the story being published, ordering him to leave the team hotel in Mansfield at 1.30 a.m. ahead of a match later that day.

The claims against Yems, which he denies, have now been disclosed by Sportsmail. They are as follows:

Although not official policy, statements to white players such as “Don’t change in the black lads’ room” reinforced segregated changing facilities with two dressing rooms at the training facility.
Frequently referring to a number of the team’s Asian-born players as “terrorists, suicide bombers, and curry munchers.”
On a frequent basis, referring to one of the youth-team players as a “suicide bomber” and instructing him not to ride the train home with a backpack because other passengers would believe he was about to blow it up.
Using the n-word and referring to one black player as a “Zulu warrior” on a regular basis.
Making fun of Greek music and calling a young Cypriot player a “Greek bobble-head.”
Without explanation, two players from ethnic minorities were barred from training with the first squad.
Seven players complained to the Professional Footballers’ Association last month, with at least one seeking counseling as a result of the manager’s mental health harm.

Several players were said to have been traumatized by their alleged treatment at the hands of Yems, with several of them crying as they confided in Crawley staff over the last few weeks.

‘He called us terrorists, suicide bombers, curry munchers,’ one Crawley player, who did not want to be identified, told Sportsmail. He also referred to one of the participants as a Zulu warrior. It’s been going on in the locker room and throughout training since 2020-21. We didn’t feel we could dispute him on it since he’s the gaffer. When players say things in the heat of the moment, it’s not the same as when the manager says it. It’s an abuse of his power because he’s the boss.

‘I’ve been in a dark place and have had a lot of difficulty.’ Last year, two players were effectively ejected from the club for no apparent reason. They were forced to practice on their own and have since vanished. “F*** off you c***s, get out of our club,” Yems screamed in their faces, according to one of the lads.

‘John might regard it as joking, but it’s race-related bullying that has had a devastating effect on some players,’ a Crawley staff member told Sportsmail. Some of them might go along with it, but it’s quite painful, especially because many of them are young boys. People were uneasy, but the majority of the players chose to keep their heads down, which is understandable.

‘These aren’t Premier League players; they’re just one result from the manager’s dismissal from the club and, most likely, the professional game.’ Where do you go if you leave Crawley?’

Following Sportsmail’s original reports, Crawley regarded the allegations as “serious and credible.” The FA’s disciplinary section is now determining whether to charge Yems with a violation of rule E3, which prohibits discrimination based on protected characteristics like as race, color, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

‘We are take the claims extremely seriously and are launching an investigation,’ an FA spokeswoman told Sportsmail last night. We won’t be able to say anything else until that’s done.’

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