During a battle with Russian soldiers, a Ukrainian mother of 12 was slain on the front lines.

A medic in the military After dying on the frontlines while fighting Russian forces that invaded her nation on President Vladimir Putin’s orders, a Ukrainian mother of 12 has been acclaimed as a hero.

When the majority of her regiment was slaughtered, Olga Semidyanova was believed to have been terminally wounded but continued to fight Russian forces.

During a heavy firefight near Donetsk in the south, the 48-year-old was hit in the stomach. Due to ongoing hostilities in the area, her body has yet to be retrieved, leaving her sad family with a long wait until they can bury her.

Julia, her daughter, stated:

“She rescued the warriors until the very last moment.” We have images from the scene of death, but we are still unable to bury them due to severe fighting.

Ukrainian mother of 12 killed on the front line while fighting Russian soldiers

Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the country’s Interior Ministry, led honors to Olga, saying:

“She was killed in a brawl with Russian gangsters.

“She emphasized her desire to preserve the country till the end, even though she believed her regiment might not survive.” She is regarded as a national hero. To me, she is a hero.”

Mother Heroine, a term granted to mothers with more than five children, had previously been bestowed upon the female soldier.

Olga had adopted six orphans from her local orphanage in addition to her own six children. Olga, who was murdered during battle on March 3, was memorialized on social media by grateful Ukrainians.

Ukrainian mother of 12 killed on the front line while fighting Russian soldiers

Other Ukrainian war victims were hailed yesterday. They included two men killed in Sunday’s cruise missile attack on a military base used for Nato drills about 12 miles from the Polish border.

Heartbroken women wept over soldiers Roman Rak and Mykola Mykytiuk who were laid to rest in coffins lined with white fabric.

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