During a Christmas party, a teacher is accused of rapping two women in the gym minutes apart.

A teacher is on trial for allegedly rapping two ladies at a Christmas party while “drunk.”

Jack Crosse, 32, is accused of rapping the two ladies, who will remain anonymous for the rest of their lives, at the Willpower Weightlifting gym in Pontypool on December 13 and early December 14, 2019. For a Christmas celebration, the gym had been transformed into a makeshift bar and dancefloor.

Crosse had been drinking at the party, according to witnesses, and was “behaving in a sexually improper way” during his trial at Cardiff Crown Court on Monday, May 9. He is also a teacher at Llanishen High School in Cardiff, where he has worked for five years, according to the court. The defendant, from Caerphilly’s Heol Ysgubor, has denied the three counts of rape.

According to the prosecution attorney, Claire Wilkes, he kissed the first woman on her way to the bathroom and she consented to oral sex.

Claire Wilkes commented:

‘At one point, someone came in and inquired whether she was okay.’ “Am I okay?” she asked Jack.

‘When the man departed, Crosse told her to continue having oral sex with him, but she refused and said she had to leave.

‘At that time, the defendant became rough and violent, grabbing her by the waist and tugging her pants down.’

Crosse raped the woman despite her repeated requests for him to stop.

Ms Wilkes continued,

‘She got away by saying him she had to leave but would return to offer him the best oral sex she had ever experienced.’

‘It was a subterfuge to get away from him,’ she explained.

‘He slapped her across the face and said, “Come back bitch,”‘ she said.

Crosse, a maths teacher at Llanishen High School in Cardiff, is accused of returning to the party and approaching the second woman.

Ms. Wilks stated in court:

‘She claims the defendant approached her and danced around her, and that he grabbed her while they were dancing.’

‘She stated he was persistent and that she tried to be courteous by moving away from him.’

Crosse allegedly led her into a “dark storage room” for his second alleged sex attack, according to the court. According to the prosecutor:

‘She told him she wanted to go, but he tried to persuade her otherwise, telling her how gorgeous she was and how terrific a kisser she was.’

He allegedly forced himself on her, pulled down her pants, and raped her twice. The next day, Crosse was arrested and informed police that both ladies had consented to sex at the private gym party.

Miss Wilkes continued:

‘Drunk as he was, he couldn’t care less whether they consented or not, and he was dead set on doing whatever he wanted to each of them.’

‘The prosecution claims that those acts amounted to rape, and that he was aware of this.’

The trial will run seven days before Judge Michael Fitton QC.

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