During Putin’s visit to France, French President Emmanuel Macron reportedly declined a COVID test out of worry that his DNA would be stolen.

When French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Moscow this week to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he declined to undergo a COVID-19 test because the French government was concerned that Russia would steal Macron’s DNA, according to Reuters.

According to two people in Macron’s entourage, the visiting French president was kept at a safe distance from Russian President Vladimir Putin during lengthy meetings on the Ukraine situation in Moscow due to Macron’s anxieties.

French president Emmanuel Macron reportedly refused COVID test in Russia during Putin trip over

Recall that during Putin and Macron’s meeting on Monday, February 7, both leaders sat at opposite ends of a 4-metre-long (13-foot) table, with some diplomats and others speculating that Putin was trying to send a diplomatic message.

However, two sources familiar with Macron’s health routine told Reuters that he was offered a choice: accept a PCR covid-19 test conducted by Russian officials and be allowed to approach Putin, or refuse and be subjected to more strict social distance.

“We were well aware that this meant no handshake and a lengthy table. However, we could not accept that they had obtained the president’s DNA “Reuters was told by one of the individuals that there were security issues.

Macron refused to take a Russian PCR test, according to a second source in Macron’s entourage. Macron, according to the source, instead had a French PCR test done before leaving and an antigen test done by his own doctor while in Russia.

The second person claimed, “The Russians informed us Putin needed to be maintained in a strict health bubble.”

The Reuters claim appears realistic, considering that Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev on Thursday, February 10, three days after Macron and Putin had their socially separated meeting. The two men exchanged handshakes and sat close together. Kazakhstan and Russia have a close relationship.

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