For torturing Rwandan citizens, a Chinese national was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

After being found guilty of abusing his colleagues, a Rwandan court sentenced a Chinese mining engineer to 20 years in prison.

Sun Shujun was found guilty of human torture and corporal punishment by the Karongi Intermediate Court in Western Province on Wednesday, April 20.

Shujun was caught on tape last year physically abusing two workers. Azalias Niyomukiza and Gratien Ngendahimana, two young men, were beaten and tied to a tree for allegedly stealing minerals from his mining company, Ali Group Holdings Ltd.

In August 2021, an incident occurred in Mukura cell, Kagano sector, Rutsiro district, Western Province.

The public’s reaction to the torture video that went viral on social media was divided, with some decrying such self-administered justice.

The Rwanda Investigation Bureau detained Shugun and his co-accused, Alexis Renzaho, an engineer, and Leonidas Nsanzimana, a security guard.

Renzaho was sentenced to 12 years in prison, but the security guard was found not guilty.

Aside from the prison sentence, the two prisoners were forced to pay Rwf7.5 million in compensation to their victims.

Shujun defended himself throughout the trial, claiming that the victims had stolen his minerals multiple times and that he had repeatedly warned them.

Following the event, the Chinese Embassy in Rwanda issued a statement denouncing the torture and reminding all Chinese citizens to follow Rwandan laws and report offenses to competent authorities rather than resorting to self-administered justice.

“A recent instance involving a Chinese private enterprise and a Rwandan person has been brought to the attention of the Chinese Embassy in Rwanda. The matter is linked to a possible theft. The Chinese Embassy in Rwanda supports Rwandan law enforcement officials in their investigation and handling of the case in a transparent and fair manner in accordance with Rwandan law. Meanwhile, we demand that the legitimate rights of Chinese businesses and citizens be adequately protected,” the statement said.

“The Chinese Embassy in Rwanda requires Chinese businesses and residents to follow local laws and regulations. Rather of dealing with criminal behavior on one’s own, any suspected illegal action should be reported to the police as soon as possible. “The Chinese Embassy will continue to promote bilateral cooperation and friendship between China and Rwanda.”

Chinese national sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for torturing Rwandan citizens

Chinese national sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for torturing Rwandan citizens Chinese national sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for torturing Rwandan citizens



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