Former US Attorney General Bill Barr says it would be a huge mistake for the Republican Party to nominate Trump for president in 2024.

Former US Attorney General William Barr has stated that Trump being the Republican Party’s presidential nominee in 2024 would be a “huge mistake.”

While Trump, a billionaire businessman, has not formally declared that he will run for president in 2024, he has made strong indications that he will.

In a video shot by a golfing pal in January, he referred to himself as the “45th and 47th” president.

Lindsey Graham, a senior Republican senator, has also expressed support for Trump’s potential presidential run in 2024.

Graham said in February that Trump has a “great possibility” of becoming president in 2024, and that the Republican presidential nomination was “his nomination for the taking.”

Barr and Trump have had a falling out, with their relationship deteriorating in the final months of Trump’s presidency.

“The election was not’stolen.’ Trump lost it,” Barr wrote in his book “One Damn Thing After Another,” in which he contradicted Trump’s accusations of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Barr claimed in a March interview with NBC that Trump never had a “good sense” of what the president’s and Justice Department’s functions were.

In response to Barr’s comments, Trump issued a letter in which he described him as “slow” and “lethargic,” as well as a “huge disappointment.”

To which Barr retaliated by labeling Trump “childish” and accusing him of throwing a “tantrum.”

Barr frequently prodded Trump in March, claiming that Trump was not his “vision of a president.” Barr said dealing with Trump was like “wrestling an alligator” and that the former president enjoyed being “surrounded by yes guys” in a separate NBC interview.

Now, Barr claims that giving Trump the GOP ticket will be disastrous.

On Newsmax’s “Spicer & Co,” Barr remarked, “I don’t think he should be our nominee — the Republican Party nominee.”

He told host Sean Spicer, who also worked for Trump, that he didn’t think Trump should be on the Republican ticket in 2024.

Barr stated, “I don’t believe he should be our nominee — the Republican Party nominee.” “And I believe Republicans have a huge chance – putting him forward would be a huge mistake.”

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