Gerard Pique, a Barcelona player, has denied any wrongdoing in the RFEF Super Cup deal in Saudi Arabia.

Gerard Pique, a Barcelona defender, denied any wrongdoing in assisting the Spanish FA in securing a deal to shift Spain’s Super Cup to Saudi Arabia, a deal that netted his Kosmos company 24 million euros ($26 million) in commission.

On Monday, the website El Confidencial published leaked audio recordings from 2019 that detailed the contract negotiated by Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales and Pique with Saudi Arabia, which included Kosmos receiving 4 million euros for each of the six Super Cup editions scheduled to be played in the Middle Eastern country.

“I have nothing to hide, everything is legal,” Pique said in a late-night news conference live on his social media channel on Monday.

“We can argue about the morality of it, but the only criminality is the audio leak. There are no ethical or conflict of interest issues that I can perceive. On the contrary, I am really proud of the fantastic job we did in bringing the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia.”

According to Pique, the 4 million euros given to Kosmos per tournament represents 10% of the 40 million euros paid to the Spanish FA by Saudi authorities each year to bring the Super Cup to the Gulf state.

“It is below market value as a commission. These kinds of arrangements normally pay 15% of the total amount “to 20%,” the Barcelona defender claimed while being grilled by reporters who believed his involvement in the deal’s brokering was a conflict of interest.

“We will file a lawsuit to stop the audios from being broadcast.

“The audios were omitted from their original context. I was simply attempting to assist the FA’s president (Rubiales) in developing a formula that was financially sound for both the FA and the clubs. Commercial concerns have no bearing on sporting concerns.”

The Spanish Football Association took a similar attitude.

“We’re baffled as to how such a straightforward, positive, and clean process has become a topic of contention. We’re all aware that there’s nothing unlawful going on here “Pablo Garcia Cuervo, the Spanish FA’s head of communications, said Cadena Ser on Tuesday.

“Pique is a businessman who owns an agency that works with huge events all around the world and has a lot of connections. He only did one thing for us: he placed us in touch with Saudi Arabia. That is hardly a conflict of interest; he simply assisted Spanish football in wrapping up a remarkable operation.”

Many people have criticized the decision to move the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia because of the Middle Eastern country’s human rights record.

Amnesty International urged the tournament’s clubs to take a stand on issues of women’s rights and equality, but received no reaction.

There is no codified legal system in Saudi Arabia, and no laws governing sexual orientation or gender identity. Judges have found persons guilty of “immorality,” having extramarital affairs, and homosexual intercourse.

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