Grandma storms out of the gender reveal party after learning that her great-grandchild will be a boy, not a girl, as she had hoped (video)

When a grandmother learned during her granddaughter’s gender reveal party that her great-grandchild would be a boy rather than a girl, she was not pleased.

The pregnant parents let off confetti cannons and blue smoke came out, indicating they are having a boy, according to a video posted by the mother-to-be.

While the rest of the family rejoiced and hurried forward to hug the couple, the grandma was visibly enraged and stormed off, shaking her head.

She defied other family members’ attempts to sway her as she walked away from the celebration and sat in a chair far away.

The video has gone viral, with viewers laughing at the grandmother’s antics.

Take a look at the video below.

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