Harry Maguire, the captain of Manchester United, was ordered to ‘leave the club or die,’ with the defender being given 72 hours or three explosives would be detonated at his residence.

In a terrifying death threat, Harry Maguire was reportedly blackmailed with having his house bombed within 72 hours if he did not quit Manchester United.

On Wednesday, the England defender received a bomb threat at his residence. Cheshire Police were alerted to the threat and performed a search of the footballer’s residence.

Following the anonymous email sent to his agent, police sniffing dogs conducted an urgent bomb search at the Cheshire property he shares with girlfriend Fern Hawkins and their two daughters.

The security crew surrounding the Man United captain and England defender has reportedly been bolstered up as well.

However, according to The Sun, the 29-year-old was given a grim ultimatum: abandon his club within 72 hours or three bombs planted at his home would be detonated.

According to the article, the centre-back was at United’s Carrington training ground when he received the terrible message on Wednesday, a day after United’s 4-0 loss to Liverpool, and rushed home.

His fiancee and daughters Lillie Saint, two, and Piper Rose, who will turn one next month, have gone to a safe house, according to the source, while Maguire is staying with a teammate.

According to the same source, Maguire is in the process of getting new CCTV and 24-hour guards, and police searched his home again on Thursday but found nothing.

‘This was taken very seriously,’ a source told The Sun.

On a daily basis, Harry and his teammates receive death threats on social media, but this time was different.

‘Three bombs had been installed at his home,’ according to the email. He only had 72 hours to get out of United before they were detonated. It was pouring with venom and slander.

‘Fern was really hilarious. She no longer feels secure. She’s had enough of Harry’s mistreatment. It’s unrelenting, intimate, and chaotic. It’s time to stop.

‘They’re a close family, and Harry has always placed them first, but he refuses to give in to the hate mob,’ says one source.

‘A police explosives dog has attended the address this afternoon, Thursday, 21 April, to conduct a search of the gardens and surrounding area,’ according to police. ‘No evacuations took place, but as a precautionary measure, a police explosives dog has attended the address this afternoon, Thursday, 21 April, to conduct a search of the gardens and surrounding area.’

The event was described as a “severe threat” by a spokeswoman for Maguire, who said the defender was “continue to prepare for this weekend’s encounter as usual.”

While he is eager to go with the group to face Arsenal on Saturday, The Athletic believe he will most likely be on the substitutes’ bench if and when interim boss Ralf Rangnick requires him.

‘I only found out about this horrible, terrible situation on Thursday afternoon and I haven’t been able to communicate with him,’ German boss Rangnick said of Maguire. It’s just another symptom of the insane society we live in. Harry’s plight is one that I sympathize with. He is well aware that he has the support of the entire community.’

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