Heidi Montag’s raw meat diet includes bison heart as a snack.

Heidi Montag was seen chowing down on yet another carnivorous delight on Wednesday, proving that she isn’t giving up her raw meat diet any time soon.

During a stroll in Los Angeles, paparazzi captured “The Hills” alum, 35, carrying a plastic bag with a raw bison heart inside.

She was caught on camera with a wide smile on her face as she bit into the bleeding organ.

Montag was dressed casually in a bright pink blouse, black-and-white sweater, black trousers, and a bag with her hair in a ponytail, but it’s unclear where she was going with her lunch meat.

In January, the cheerful reality star videotaped herself eating raw liver, revealing her unusual eating habits for the first time.

EXCLUSIVE: Heidi Pratt snacks on raw bison heart as she stays true to her raw meat diet

Dr. Paul Saladino, whose Instagram profile was used to promote the health benefits of eating raw meat, was tagged in the post, which she dubbed “breakfast of champions.”

Saladino, on the other hand, announced on Twitter in September 2021 that his account had been disabled. “They prohibit misinformation,” one guy said.

In February, Montag released another another video of herself eating raw liver.

“Eating liver, animal organs, raw liver has so many health benefits,” she claims in the video.

Raw meat eaters are at risk of “contracting a foodborne illness,” according to healthline.com, which also notes that bacteria and other potentially harmful pathogens are normally eradicated when meat is properly prepared.

Heidi Montag eating raw meat in LA.

“Some at-risk populations, such as youngsters, pregnant or nursing women, and older folks, should avoid eating raw meat entirely,” according to Healthline.

Montag had surgery in August 2021 in order to increase her chances of having a second child with her husband Spencer Pratt. Gunner, their 4-year-old son, is the couple’s only child.

Those who insist on eating raw meat despite the risks should make sure their meat is appropriately sourced.


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