His 11-year-old boy was left at a hotel while his father went out to celebrate his team’s FA Cup victory over Manchester United.

After leaving his 11-year-old son at a hotel to celebrate Middlesbrough’s FA Cup triumph over Manchester United, a Middlesbrough supporter was arrested.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) confirmed the arrest in a tweet on Saturday, saying the force took care of the youngster while a ‘unhappy mother’ was on her way down to retrieve the boy.

The Middlesbrough fan left his child to go out for victory drinks in the town following Friday night’s win, according to the GMP Stretford account, which covers the Old Trafford region.

The 35-year-old guy is still being questioned by police, according to authorities.

‘Police received an allegation of concern for the welfare of a youngster in the early hours of Saturday, February 5, 2022,’ a GMP spokesperson told MailOnline.

‘Investigations revealed that an 11-year-old kid was sleeping alone in a Trafford hotel room.

‘A 35-year-old man has been detained and charged with child neglect. He is still being questioned by the police.’

‘Boro away fan arrested for child negligence last night, after opting to leave his 11-year-old child in the hotel after the game as he went into town celebrating their triumph drinking,’ read the GMP’s tweet.

‘We cared after the boy while his upset mother drove down from the northeast to pick him up.’

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