Hope Solo was detained for allegedly driving while intoxicated with two children in the car.

Hope Solo, a former goalkeeper for the United States Women’s National Team, was arrested in North Carolina on Thursday for alleged DWI.

Solo, 40, was arrested in the parking lot of a Walmart in Winston-Salem, according to TMZ. He was taken to the Forsyth County jail and processed.

At the time, Solo supposedly had two young children in the car with him. She is married to Jerramy Stevens, a former NFL tight end, and they have 2-year-old twins. It was unclear whether the twins were in the car with her at the time, but TMZ reports that this was “likely” the case.

“On the advice of counsel, Hope is unable to comment on this matter, but she wants everyone to know that her children are her life, that she was released immediately and is now at home with her family, that the story is more sympathetic than the initial charges suggest, and that she looks forward to her opportunity to defend these charges,” her lawyer, Rich Nichols, said in a statement that Solo tweeted out.

Solo has been charged with DWI, as well as resisting arrest and misdemeanor child abuse.

Solo was jailed in 2014 for allegedly inflicting domestic abuse on her sister and nephew while inebriated. After the city of Kirkland, Wash., concluded that the incident was “unlikely to reoccur,” the charges were withdrawn in 2018.

Solo was the goalkeeper for two Olympic gold medals and one World Cup for the United States Women’s National Team.

Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens with their children in March 2021

She recently spoke with former colleague Carli Lloyd about her time on the USWNT, who said she “hated” the culture towards the end of her time with the squad.

“When I was dismissed in 2016, my husband Jerramy [Stevens] hated to see me sad every time I left for camp,” Solo stated. “I didn’t want to go to camp because of the social component. I wanted to get rid of my a$$.

“I needed to work off some steam.” I was itching to play some games. But I didn’t want to be around everyone or the team’s culture. It was quite challenging. I don’t think people realize how difficult that is emotionally and mentally. It’s a challenge. All I wanted to do was become a professional athlete. I wanted to be ruthless and victorious. However, you must occasionally engage in political and social maneuvering. That’s difficult for me as an introvert. It was quite challenging.”

Hope Solo and husband Jerramy Stevens exit the court room at Kirkland Municipal Court on November 4, 2014

Solo also recently spoke out against the United States Women’s National Team’s equal wage agreement with US Soccer.

“This deal isn’t a ‘great victory.'” It’s devastating and infuriating,” Solo wrote in a lengthy Instagram post that included included a snapshot of a phrase from the USWNT and US Soccer Federation’s joint statement. “The Federation’s ‘promise’ of equal pay and backpay for a select number of players isn’t equal pay, and it’s not what this dispute was about.”

“Be sure to read the fine print. ‘Subject to the terms of a new collective bargaining agreement being reached.’ It does not yet exist and cannot be assured. There would have been no necessity to sue the Federation in the first place if the players had ever been successful in obtaining an equal CBA.”

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