Huddah Monroe blasts people who despise women who visit Dubai when a video of a woman eating feces for ‘$50,000’ appears.

Huddah Monroe, a Kenyan socialite, has lambasted those she claims are hating on women who reside in or visit Dubai.

This was claimed by the Big Brother Africa star, who is residing in Dubai, in response to a viral video of a young lady swallowing feces “in exchange for $50,000.”

The video, which is presently trending on social media under the hashtag #dubaiportapotty, shows a lady in the UAE city eating feces.

According to rumors, the fetish act is known as ‘Porta Potty,’ which is Arabic for “human potty” or “mobile potty.”

According to unsubstantiated web rumors, wealthy Arabs pay women, particularly African women, large sums of money to crap on their bodies and in their mouths.

“Not only do porta-potties sleep, but they also eat the feces of Arab males who poo on and in them.” It’s a popular sexual affliction among rich Arab men. They make women feel sexually pleasurable by having them spat on, peed on, and so on.” According to a report reviewed by LIB,

The Kenyan entrepreneur reacted by saying that the fetish act is all over pornhub, but that individuals are taking advantage of the opportunity to denigrate women who work hard in Dubai.

“I get irritated when I hear people spouting nonsense about Dubai. You wish you could afford to take a bus to the next hamlet, but you can’t. People are eating feces in Pornhub. White people are the ones who do the most. “Isn’t that what people in Europe and America do?” she enquired.

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