“I am afraid that Putin is unable and unwilling to meet at this moment.” – Pope Francis requests a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow to address Ukraine.

Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, has declared that he will travel to Russia to meet with President Vladimir Putin to discuss the Ukraine conflict.

In an interview published on Tuesday, May 3, Pope Francis stated that he requested a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow to try to end the conflict in Ukraine, but that he had not received a response.

Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church, who has backed the war wholeheartedly, “cannot become Putin’s altar boy,” the pope said in an interview with Italy’s Corriere Della Sera newspaper.

When the war against Ukraine began, Francis paid a visit to the Russian embassy, according to the newspaper, and urged the Vatican’s top diplomat to send a message to Putin roughly three weeks into the fight.

The message was clear “I was willing to travel to Moscow. Allowing an opening was undoubtedly vital for the Kremlin boss. We have yet to receive an answer, but we remain adamant “..

He continued, ” “Putin, I fear, is unable and unwilling to hold this meeting at this moment. But how can you allow such savagery to continue?”

When asked about a trip to Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, which Francis, 85, hinted was a possibility last month, the pope stated he would not go at this time.

“First, I have to travel to Moscow and meet with Putin… I do what I can. If Putin would just open a door, the world would be a better place “he stated

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