I did something I felt was amusing – Bill Murray responds to allegations of sexual misconduct

Bill Murray, the actor, has finally responded to the claims of sexual misconduct brought against him.

The actor whose alleged “inappropriate behavior” is believed to have caused Aziz Ansari’s next film’s production to be halted, told CNBC’s Becky Quick;

“I had a disagreement with a woman with whom I work. I did something I thought was amusing, but it was misinterpreted.

“For the last week or two, I’ve been doing nothing but thinking about it… you know, the world is different now than it was when I was a youngster.”

“What I thought was funny as a kid isn’t always the same as what I think is funny now.” Things change, and time moves on. As a result, it’s critical that I figure it out.”

Murray, 71, would not divulge the other person’s identity, but said the two are “trying to make peace with each other” after the alleged incident.

He continued,

“We’re both professionals who like each other’s work and, I believe, like each other.

“There’s no point in going any farther, working together, or creating the movie if we can’t actually get along and trust one other.”

“Putting my boots on and both of us going back to work and being able to trust each other and work at the work that we’ve both spent a lot of time acquiring the ability of would make me the happiest.”

Murray also confessed that the experience has been “quite an education.” He stated,

“I believe it is a sad puppy who is unable to learn. That is a very sad dog who is unable to learn. I don’t want to be that unhappy dog, and I don’t plan on being one.”

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