‘I was embarrassed by my beard.’ After years of hiding her facial hair, the woman claims she has finally accepted her beard and is more confident.

Gennevieve Vaillancourt, a lady, has spoken up about her problem with accepting her facial hair.

Vaillancourt claims she spent years desperately attempting to hide her facial hair, but she’s now decided to let her beard grow and feels more confident than she has in the past.

Gennevieve, 34, of Ontario, Canada, claims she began sprouting hair around her chin and upper lip when she was 16 years old and was later diagnosed with polycystic ovarian disease, which caused the abnormal growth.

She claims she had to shave every day, but the hair was already growing back the second day after shaving.

‘I was really embarrassed by my beard,’ she admitted.

‘Because of that, I was ridiculed throughout school, and kids would tell me I needed to shave or ask if I knew how.’

‘When I was diagnosed with PCOS, I was pleased to have something to look into and to know there was a reason for the things that were occurring to me.’

‘I also had a sense of hopelessness at the prospect of not being able to be a mother in the future, as it is one of the leading causes of infertility in women.’

‘Weight increase was another sign, as did the appearance of facial hair.’

‘PCOS made me want to hide and robbed me of my femininity,’ she says.

Gennevieve began to experiment with letting her facial hair grow after the epidemic, according to her.

Duncan, her now three-year-old son, inspired the mother to embrace her appearance.

‘I wanted to be a role model,’ she explained. ‘I couldn’t teach him to love every part of himself unless I loved every part of myself.’

She began to post images of her beard online, which boosted her confidence, until an interaction with her family eventually prompted her to walk out in public as a bearded lady.

‘I knew as soon as my facial hair started to grow when I was 16, it would eventually turn into a full beard, and I knew I wanted to get to a point where I was brave enough to grow it out and wear it in public,’ Gennevieve explained.

‘All I had to do was learn a few tools to be able to do it.’ ‘The main turning moment for me was when I ran into one of my aunts outside the supermarket while waiting in my car.’

‘I hadn’t shaved in probably three days, so I warned her about my beard, and she begged my uncle not to come over because he “didn’t need to see this,”‘ she said. ‘Seeing my aunt’s guilt made me realize that I, too, deserve to be noticed!

‘This inspired me to take the risk of being noticed.’ Since September 2021, I’ve been growing out my beard.’

‘I’ve learned to embrace myself for who I am and can confidently walk around in public with my beard,’ she said.

‘Surprisingly, I haven’t received any pushback or bullying since fully growing out my beard.’ ‘Because I am clearly a woman, I could see the look of bewilderment on people’s faces.’ I was watching them go through the motions of attempting to comprehend.

‘Every positive experience I’ve had since flaunting my beard has encouraged me to keep going.’ ‘With my beard, I’m more confident than I’ve ever been.’ I was burdened with so much anxiety when I couldn’t be my true self and had to hide.

‘It’s been liberating to show off my beard.’

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