If Vladimir Putin threatens other countries, he will pay a high price, according to the UK Navy chief.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will pay a “big price” if he attacks any countries outside of Ukraine, according to Admiral Sir Ben Key, the chief of the Royal Navy.

Admiral Sir Ben Key, in his first interview as First Sea Lord, stated that NATO must work to “contain” the invasion of Ukraine and not allow it to “accelerate away from us.”

“History teaches us that we are in a particularly fragile moment right now, which is why, while the support we are giving Ukraine right now is to enable them, we must also demonstrate a robust and resilient posture across the rest of the contact line with Russia… so that President Putin understands this is not something he can expand without significant cost to him and Russia.”

In an interview with the Telegraph, he accused Putin of committing a “egregious injustice” against Ukraine, encouraging the UK to continue to back Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and assist his forces with “the resources to protect their territory, homeland, and people.”

While he hopes Putin “chooses to cease,” he believes that outcome is “a long way off at the present.”

Although the conflict in Ukraine is largely land-based, Sir Ben said Nato navies must maintain a deterrent posture to “challenge Putin’s actions and deter him from doing more.”

“We are a threat,” he stated. “The Russians effectively tried to prevent any other ships from operating in the northern section of the Black Sea, and the Ukrainians demonstrated that they could not do so freely.”

In a war, “ships become valid targets,” he said, and the UK needed to make sure it was prepared. “That necessitates our posture being correct, our capabilities being properly aligned, and us modernizing and adapting to see what others can do and what technological opportunities are available to us,” he continued.

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