“I’m a naturist,” says the speaker. A man seen cycling around town in his birthday suit defends his way of life.

After videos of him being photographed pedaling about the streets naked were uploaded online, a naked cyclist has defended his lifestyle.

The nude cyclist was sighted cycling through the streets of Derbyshire, United Kingdom, with many sightings and a handful of witnesses expressing their surprise at seeing the man cycle through the region.

The identity of the “pale, naked man on a bike,” as described by one witness, Jade Meadows, 20, remained a mystery until the man came forward and identified himself.


Stuart Gilmour, a naturalist from Fenny Bentley near Ashbourne, claimed to be the nude cyclist and was perplexed by the discussion as to why he was riding naked.

According to Gilmour: “I’m a naturist who enjoys being able to experience everyday life without the constraints of clothing, promoting body positivity, embracing the uniqueness that is our bodies, and demonstrating to others that it’s ok to be different, regardless of size, shape, or color, and the benefits it can provide.

“But it’s meeting so many new people and making new friends while cycling that I like the most. When I’m dressed, no one bothers me; I just ride by, but when I’m naked, people are truly curious and want to know more.”

According to DerbyshireLive, Gilmour said the attention he received from the nude cycling has motivated him to arrange a naked bike ride.


He stated, ” “I had no idea this would garner so much attention, and I’m quite surprised. I’m often cycling around the Rochdale Canal or around Manchester, and I’ve never had this much interest in anything before.

“This wasn’t for charity this time, but in the summer, I’m planning a nude bike ride from Manchester to Chester, potentially continuing on to North Wales, to raise money for a cancer charity where my wife Karen Gilmour volunteers.”

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