In 2021, a single person files 12,272 noise complaints against an airport, representing for 90% of the total complaints received.

In 2021, a single person is responsible for almost 12,270 noise complaints filed against Dublin Airport in Ireland.

According to sources in the Independent UK, Dublin airport authorities revealed information indicating that a single complainant accounted for approximately 34 calls each day, accounting for 90 percent of the total complaints the airport received last year.

In the year 2020, the nagging complainant was responsible for 6,227 complaints. However, in 2022, that same individual is stated to be averaging 59 complaints per day, accounting for 5,276 complaints in the first quarter. In total, the airport has received 5,573 noise complaints in 2022, according to the airport.

Single person makes 12,272 noise complaints against an airport in 2021 accounting for 90% of the total complaints the airport received

Officials from the airport informed The Independent that they have replied to each individual complaint and that they are continuing to cooperate with the community and the Irish Aviation Authority. According to the DAA, 97 percent of its aircraft follow designated fly routes that circle fixed noise-monitoring terminals.

The majority of the complaints are received at night, according to officials, and a new runway is being built in response to noise pollution complaints from jets.

When the construction is finished, the Dublin Airport Authority said it would buy the homes of residents who have been adversely damaged by jet noise.

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