In a revolting video, a man purportedly injects his blood into supermarket food.

A lawyer in the United Kingdom was caught on camera presumably inserting his own blood into grocery store goods.

The horrifying video, which was shown to jurors at Isleworth Crown Court on Tuesday, Feb. 22, shows the defendant, Leoaai Elghareeb, 37, seemingly injecting syringes into apples, chicken tikka fillets, and ready-to-eat meals at a Sainsbury’s shop.

The lawyer proceeded on a blood-injecting rampage across Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and Tesco stores in Fulham, west London.

Man allegedly injects his blood into store food in disgusting video

“This behavior was weird,” Elghareeb’s lawyer, Kyri Argyropoulos, said during a court appearance in response to the event on August 25, 2021.

Elghareeb “was not of sound and sane mind” at the time of the episodes, he noted.

Elghareeb allegedly flung eggs at both staff and customers at Sainsbury’s and pushed a security guard in the chest, in addition to injecting blood into meals.

Elghareeb is also suspected of punching a National Health Service surgeon in the chest with an empty needle while outside, according to the Independent.

After allegedly taking up a potted plant and hurling it through an open doorway, he was eventually apprehended outside a club.

Man allegedly injects his blood into store food in disgusting video

Meanwhile, the impacted stores were required to throw out and resupply food as a precaution before reopening, resulting in hemorrhage costs of roughly $281,442.38 (£207,000) for Waitrose, $194,426.37 (£143,000) for Sainsbury’s, and $159,024.64 (£117,000) for Tesco.

Elghareeb felt that he was living in a “Truman Show” simulation where “everything was phony,” according to a psychiatrist who testified at the court.

The man also felt he had a gadget placed in his head, according to the doctor, and hoped that his hasty behavior would alert “the real police” to his position.

Elghareeb’s lawyer stated that his client was “very sick at the time, as you have heard from two consultant psychiatrists…” This was not the behavior of a fit and sane person.

Elghareeb has since pleaded not guilty to three counts of contaminating food and two counts of assault by reason of insanity.

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