In Germany, a 60-year-old man was discovered taking 90 covid-19 shots in order to sell forged vaccination cards.

A man in Germany was detained after getting himself inoculated against COVID-19 at least 90 times.

The man was detained in the German city of Magdeburg on Sunday, April 3rd, according to authorities. He didn’t get the immunizations for the sake of his health, but rather to collect vaccine cards to sell. His name could not be revealed to the public because to German privacy regulations, but police claim he received dozens of doses at vaccination centers in the eastern state of Saxony for months before being arrested.

The individual was apprehended at the vaccination center for the second day in a row, carrying blank vaccination cards, which police confiscated.

He was not jailed because obtaining immunizations is not a crime, but he is being investigated for improper vaccination card issuing and document forgery, according to police.

“Most of the time, getting more doses of a vaccine does not increase your risk of significant side effects,” the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) writes on its website. According to the CDC, any danger is connected to the time interval between vaccinations rather than the vaccine itself.

The CDC stated that “in these circumstances, the spacing of the doses, not the number of doses, generates the danger,” referring to the pneumococcal vaccination and the DTaP for diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis, but not COVID. “While these reactions are unpleasant, they are not life-threatening.”

To date, the new coronavirus has killed at least 130,029 people in Germany.

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