In the New York Attorney General’s investigation, a judge finds Trump in contempt and fines him $10,000 per day.

Former President Donald Trump was found in civil contempt of court by a New York judge and ordered to pay $10,000 per day until the state attorney general’s office demanded papers.

Attorney General Letitia James requested the penalties in order to compel the former president to hand over papers that her investigators claim they require as part of their civil investigation into the Trump Organization’s commercial activities.

 Judge holds Trump in contempt and fines him $10,000 a day in New York Attorney General

‘Mr. Trump, I know you take your business seriously, and I take mine seriously, therefore I hereby hold you in civil contempt and fine you $10,000 per day,’ said Arthur Engoron, a judge on the New York state Supreme Court.

In a congratulatory statement following the ruling, James stated ‘justice prevailed.’

‘For years, Donald Trump has attempted to skirt the law in order to obstruct our legal inquiry into his and his company’s financial affairs. ‘Today’s decision demonstrates that no one is above the law,’ stated the state attorney general.

James is looking into whether the Trump Organization, the former president’s real estate firm, lied about the worth of its buildings in order to get better loans and tax breaks.

She said her investigation had turned up “strong evidence” that the company’s financial statements had “relied on deceptive asset valuations and other misrepresentations to secure economic benefits” for more than a decade.

She also accused Trump of missing a mutually agreed-upon date to turn over eight personal financial records, which his lawyers claim he simply does not have.

Trump should be penalized $10,000 every day, and possibly more, until he complies, according to James.

According to an April 7 court filing, she accused him of’more delay and obfuscation’ in his explanations for not giving over the documents in question, stating that the daily growing fine is needed to ‘compensate’ her office ‘for its expenses and costs related with this application.’

Trump has called James’ investigation a “witch hunt” and accused her of acting based on political bias.

In an April 20 filing, Trump attorney Alina Habba labeled James’ contempt request a “publicity act,” claiming that it was up to his family business to release the documents.

Habba said he “just did not have any of the sought documents in his personal possession or custody” after a “dutiful search” for what prosecutors were looking for.

‘All potentially applicable papers were in the ownership, custody, or control of the Trump Organization,’ she asserted instead.

Her client ‘was not compelled to produce records’ under the company’s control, she said.

The attorney general has questioned the Trump Organization’s valuation of the Trump brand, as well as properties such as golf courses in New York and Scotland, and Trump’s own penthouse residence in Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan.

At Monday’s hearing, Habba claimed that James’ investigation was a “fishing expedition” and that the Trump Organization was “right on schedule” with document production.

Habba stated, ‘This is a political crusade.’ ‘The attorney general’s probe appears to have lost its focus.’

Trump, a Republican, has denied wrongdoing and labeled the inquiry politicized. James is a member of the Democratic Party.

Engoron, the same judge, also subpoenaed and ordered Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump Jr. to testify before the attorney general. For that testimony, an appeal is pending.

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