In the wake of rumours of a rift within the Manchester United dressing room, interim manager Ralf Rangnick meets with Ronaldo, Fernandes, and Pogba one-on-one.

Manchester United interim manager, Ralf Rangnick has reportedly held talks with some of the big stars in the squad amid reports of a rift within the United dressing room

Rangnick is understood to have held talks with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba, and Bruno Fernandes while also meeting with Marcus Rashford last week.

Last week both Harry Maguire and Rashford took to Twitter to refute reports of any unrest at United specifically at the charge that there is an English camp that baulks at Ronaldo’s attempted dominance of the dressing room.

This is coming after Rangnick was forced to dismiss media speculation about a change to the team’s captain as “nonsense,” insisting that Harry Maguire will remain the club’s captain until the end of the season.

The report had claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo might be in line to replace Harry Maguire as skipper, to reduce pressure on the Englishman.

Speaking to journalists ahead of Sunday’s Premier League match with Leeds United, the Reds’ interim manager confirmed there would be no change in captaincy.

“Well, to start with, I must say that this is absolutely nonsense,” began Ralf.

“I have never spoken with any player about a possible change of captaincy and Harry is fully aware of that and so is Cristiano, and all the other players.

“So this has never been an issue for me, it is me who decides the captain and therefore there is no reason to speak about that with any other person.

“Harry is our captain and will stay our captain until the end of the season and there is nothing else to add on to that.”

The 63-year-old went to explain that there had never been an issue, and that the atmosphere in the dressing room had improved during recent weeks, following the January transfer window.

“Well, I’m not frustrated at all because I know that it’s not the truth,” claimed Rangnick. “I told you already about Harry being captain, this is not an issue at all and it has never been an issue for us and for myself as the manager.

“All the other things, to be honest, I don’t listen to that noise that much because my full focus is on preparing the next training and for the next game. Obviously, I have heard about what is written, I can only tell you from my personal experience in the last 11-12 weeks, yes, there were players unhappy until the closure of the window because, as I always said, the squad was too big.

“We had too many players who just realised that they wouldn’t get game time. I think this has improved, for sure, and, from what I can tell you, the atmosphere in the locker room is better than it used to be a couple of weeks ago, for that reasons we just spoke about and, well, all the other things.”

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